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Common Requirements of Users for 100KVA Cummins Generator Sets

2021-11-19 Hits: 90 views

1. When the generator set is 380V AC, three-phase, four-wire, and the frequency is 50Hz, when the power factor is not less than 0.85 lag, the output power should not be less than 100kVA.

2. The generator set should be able to supply power for all loads on site. The main load includes two (2) 20kW screw pumps (star-delta start), control equipment, closed-circuit television and safety systems and related equipment.

3. The generator set should have at least 10% reserve margin of generating capacity. The generator set should have a net continuous rating in accordance with ISO8528, BS5514 and BS7698, and meet the minimum rating, transient and steady state of the connected load. Quotes based on alternate ratings will not be considered. The actual rating of the generator set should be clearly marked on the nameplate fixed on the generator set.

4. Electrical load requirements

(1) The electrical load connected to the generator set should be a continuous load. The motor load should be S1, in line with BS4999 part 30-“Responsibilities and ratings, general requirements for rotating electrical machines ‘1 and IEC60034-1.

(2) Thyristor controls the load, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS), variable voltage variable frequency speed controller (VVVF), passive harmonic filter, etc. Possibly connected to a generator. This kind of thyristor load will produce high current harmonics, which will adversely affect the generator set in terms of voltage distortion, system instability, and overheating of the buffer winding. The design of the generator set should have the necessary preventive measures (including the provision of engine over-speed sensing devices, free from harmonic interference, etc.) to prevent the occurrence of the above-mentioned adverse effects caused by harmonics. In addition, the maximum tolerable voltage distortion and the maximum allowable percentage of the generator set thyristor load shall be stated in the bidding documents.

(3) The generator set should be able to withstand a reasonable amount of regenerative power. The size of the generator set should be appropriate to meet the possible regenerative power from the motor load described in Article 18.1.

5. The generator set should include a diesel engine directly coupled to the alternator and installed on a steel section base. The base should be completely equipped with anti-vibration devices, keeping bolts and nuts suitable for installation on the concrete base. The whole assembly should be equipped with four lifting eyes to facilitate lifting and transportation.

6. The generator set should meet the requirements of BS7698. It should be applied to the normal voltage and frequency immediately after cold start and acceptance of the load.

7. The alternator should be fully equipped with radio interference suppression to BSEN55014.