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Cummins Generator Set Maintenance Staff’s Summary of Safe Operation

2021-11-25 Hits: 81 views

As professional maintenance workers of Cummins generator sets, we better not have to fluke!

The electrical safety blood is written one by one, and it is not fake at all.

Strict compliance and discipline are the prerequisite and foundation of safety.

I have seen many thousands of safety production accidents in production, and they are basically 100% caused by negligence.

“Just for a while, it doesn’t matter, what are you afraid of” this kind of spoken language is accustomed,

First of all, diesel generator maintenance workers must learn the safety operation guidelines, formulate strict rules and regulations for penalties for violations and make public announcements. Then, they must be supervised by full-time personnel. Start with the violation operations, discover and punish them together, and publish them to the public for all personnel Knowing that, never forgive, stick to the end, safety production accidents will be lower and lower, everyone dare not step beyond the mine pool, safety work can be stable and united!

Recalling the colleagues who participated in the work together more than 20 years ago, the disabled, the disfigured, and those who died in height, caused endless suffering to themselves, their homes, and their parents!

Safety first, prevents trouble before it happens.

Protection, electrical inspection, grounding device, suspension identification plate. Use special tools for electrical equipment with different working voltages up to the standard. Check machinery and equipment to avoid entering the wrong distance. One person must monitor and one person actually operates. It is forbidden to ask questions about actual operation, and it is strictly forbidden to work beyond the scope, and the work ticket system is implemented.

Be sure to apply for the certificate, be sure to recruit the work hour meeting, clarify your responsibilities, be sure to set the work area, and finish the work!

Cummins product performance characteristics:
Compact diesel generator set
Belt drive system: with automatic tensioning mechanism to prevent the belt from being protected
Connecting rod: Forged connecting rod has the greatest structural strength
Crankshaft: The steel crankshaft forged by induction hardening has the greatest strength and multiple regrind capabilities
Cylinder block: the new high-strength design increases the rigidity of the cylinder block by 32% and has extremely high durability
Cylinder liner: The patented stop port design makes the cylinder liner the most rigid and improves the life of the piston ring
Fuel system: Bosch high-quality in-line plunger or rotor high-pressure fuel pump and injector are used, which has higher fuel economy
Turbocharger: All use Holset turbocharger, HX40 type with integrated waste gate valve to further improve low-speed response and power
Piston: The aluminum alloy piston is inlaid with two corrosion-resistant high-nickel cast iron ring grooves, which improves the service life of the piston and piston ring. The anodized piston crown also helps to improve its durability
Oil filter: combined full flow and bypass Fleet guard brand, the filtering effect is almost perfect, and the durability of the switchboard is improved