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How to ensure the safety in the maintenance of diesel generator sets?

2021-12-03 Hits: 92 views

Cummins Generator Company is engaged in the maintenance of diesel generator sets and has been in this field for more than 20 years. Regarding the question of how to ensure its own safety, scoring the three elements of human, machine, and natural environment, when a safety accident comes, there is no doubt that the two elements above will accumulate.

First, the human element.

For example, if you come to repair a device, under normal circumstances, there is no doubt that the power will be cut off (locked) for maintenance. Take the locked key with you to avoid being injured by others’ accidental closing (operation error). (Risk criterion 1) If you are lazy and keep powering on for maintenance, then the risk becomes greater. (Risk criterion 2) As soon as another person actually operates, the equipment moves or the electricity comes, (result)) you are injured. Therefore, we must enhance our crisis awareness and control risks! Reduce risk! There is another, in an impatient situation, it is very easy to make mistakes at work, so you must adjust your emotions.

Second, the elements of things.

For example, when designing a piece of mechanical equipment without considering safety factors or considering incomplete or defective, it is very easy to cause safety accidents in the mid-to-late application maintenance.

Third, the elements of the natural environment.

You have been under maintenance, the light source is dark, the indoor space is very narrow, and all the factors such as the small interval of the indoor space under normal maintenance are very prone to safety accidents.

Diesel generator electricians should learn the safety operation guidelines, formulate strict rules and regulations for violations and publicize the announcement, and then require full-time personnel to supervise, start from the violation operation, discover and punish them together, and publish them to the public so that all personnel will be aware , Never forgive, stick to the end, safety production accidents will be lower and lower, everyone dare not step beyond the mine pool, safety work can be stable and united!
Diesel generator electricians should ensure the following aspects to avoid electric shock accidents:

(1) Fully grasp the management system of electrical equipment maintenance and installation, work without electricity at work, switch on when there is no time, and do not know the technical parameters of machinery and equipment blindly to follow the trend, etc. Remember that the management system is a summary of great successful experiences! I have personally seen myself use a low-voltage electroscope to check whether the 6KV power distribution equipment box is energized and caused a serious safety accident.

(2) Be sure to systematically learn the professional knowledge of electrical equipment and the safety of diesel generators and electricians, and you must not understand it at all. Knowledge is the basic standard to ensure your safe work; for example: change at work is regarded as a live body (understand why) ; The operating voltage of 36v is not sure of safety, and can also cause safety accidents; the amount of current flowing through the cardiovascular system is the most risky.

(3) Strict labor protection products must be worn. Wear insulating safety shoes, insulating gloves, and insulating safety helmet before working. Many years of work experience, this kind of protective equipment is very useful. (4) Diesel generator electricians should not get lucky and numb mental state when working. Remember one sentence-what is possible will happen. Diesel generator electricians must not have a proactive mental state in their work. Once a safety accident occurs, it will endanger life.