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Necessary Conditions for Setting Up Diesel Generator Working Room

2021-12-10 Hits: 78 views

Diesel generator is a kind of power equipment that uses diesel as the main fuel to drive a synchronous generator to generate electricity. The diesel engine drives the generator to operate, which can convert the energy of diesel into electric energy. It is a kind of quick start and operation. Power generation devices with convenient maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment are well-loved by users and are widely used in communications, construction, field construction and other sectors. So what are the necessary conditions for setting up a diesel generator working room? Today, let’s briefly introduce the relevant content for everyone.

Diesel generators should be installed in a computer room with good ventilation, a clean environment, and close to the main electrical equipment and power distribution room. Exhaust equipment should be installed in the computer room. The exterior of the exhaust pipe should be wrapped with thermal insulation material to reduce indoor heat dissipation. The engine room of closed diesel generators usually does not need to be forced to ventilate. The fan can be used to exhaust air to the outside through the fan of the unit to promote air convection in the engine room. In the engine room of the open diesel generator, a fan can be installed for forced ventilation when necessary. In a place far away from the unit, use a fan and a large-diameter air inlet pipe to introduce outdoor air into the machine room.

The air outlet of the intake pipe should be as low as possible so that the introduced air can pass over the heat dissipation part of the generator. The exhaust fan should be installed at a high position in the machine room so that the high-temperature updraft can be discharged outside in time. The installation distance between diesel generators should be less than 0.8m. Do not install other equipment or accumulate debris within 2m. There is also a fuel tank that meets the capacity, and the outlet of the fuel tank should be higher than the top of the cylinder of the diesel engine. An exhaust pipe is set to lead the exhaust gas from the diesel engine to the outdoors. It is not allowed to place items that generate acid, alkali and other corrosive gases in the working room of diesel generators.