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The Basic Configuration of Cummins Diesel Generator

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Diesel generators should be fresh water cooling, four-stroke, direct injection, natural aspiration or pressure charging, industrial diesel generators, complete and operating, meet the requirements of all parts of ISO8528/BS5514, and the crankshaft speed does not exceed 1500 It is continuously rated to meet the load requirements under field conditions of revolutions per minute, and is suitable for changing the “light” diesel to BSEN590/BS2869 grade Al or A2.

Diesel generators should have the following configurations:

Diesel generators are equipped with instrument panels, including lubricating oil pressure gauge, lubricating oil temperature gauge, cooling water outlet temperature gauge, cooling water level indicator, tachometer and hour meter. The tachometer should detect the actual speed of the diesel generator. Speedometers that sense the output frequency are not acceptable. An ammeter indicating the charging rate of the diesel generator to drive the generator should also be provided.

Protective devices that expose moving parts, ie. Flywheels, couplings, etc.

The diesel generator cooling system includes a water circulation pump driven by a diesel generator, a thermostatic control water temperature adjustment device and a tropical radiator with a mechanically driven fan driven by the diesel generator.

Dry or “oil bath” type air cleaner with replaceable components.

Lubricating oil system (full flow, replaceable element filter).

The governor is manually adjusted to +5% of the normal speed. The control accuracy shall comply with the requirements of ISO8528/Al category G3 in BS5514 Part 4 “Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine Specifications, Performance-Speed Control*”. The governor should sense the actual rotation of the diesel generator. A governor that senses the frequency of the generator’s output voltage is unacceptable.

Tubular exhaust muffler (acoustic type) with related accessories and extensions to meet the requirements of the relevant environmental protection agency.

Fuel control solenoid valve (electric) and emergency fuel shut-off valve (manual), high cooling water temperature, low lubricating oil pressure secondary diesel generator protection device. A two-stage diesel generator protection device for diesel generator overspeed shall also be provided. The diesel generator over-speed sensor should sense the actual speed of the diesel generator, and there should be no harmonic interference.

All wiring of the control and protection system shall be carried out in suitable heat-resistant and oil-resistant cables and shall be connected to appropriate cable terminal blocks.

Grounding terminal, used to connect diesel generators and generators to the grounding system on site.

The diesel generator should be able to develop a 110% alternator for 1 hour under the rated continuous capacity (power factor of 0.85) in accordance with the first part of ISO8528/BS5514.

The height difference between the generator set and the daily service compartment shall not exceed the maximum value recommended by the generator manufacturer